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Affiliation BYE-LAWS :

Chapter I :-

Short Title:-

These Bye-law shall be called affiliation bye-laws of XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA (XCI), New-Delhi group, for franchise of schools, in the name and style of ST. XAVIER’S PUBLIC SCHOOL and ST. MARY’S PUBLIC SCHOOL, in CBSE-pattern, within Indian continent.
The revised XCI-affiliation bye-laws are effective from 21st July 2010, with scope of modifications/ amendments from time to time.
In case of any disputes regarding the withdrawal or not granting of affiliation or any other matter pertaining for up-gradation and / or any matter arising in respect of anything pertaining to affiliation with any school and/or any other person, society, company or organization, the courts and tribunals at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain such disputes.

Definitions :-

1. In these Bye-laws, unless the context otherwise requires :-

Affiliation means formal enrollment of a school among the list of approved schools of the “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA”, following prescribed/ approved courses of studies up to class-X as well as those preparing students according to prescribed courses for the Boards examinations.
Council means the “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA (XCI)”.
Affiliation committee means, Affiliation committee of the council.
Examination means the examinations conducted by the council.
Co-education means the concept of schooling designed in the basis of providing equal facilities to both boys and girls, under same roof.
Provisional affiliation means grant of temporary permission to open and operate a school for a stipulated period, under certain terms and conditions.
Permanent Affiliation means grant of approval permanently, to open and operate a regular school, continue the service as directed by the council in an organized manner.
“Extension” means grant for extension of Provisional affiliation to the school by the council.
“Affiliation Fee” means charges payable by the organization to the council in connection with affiliation.
“Student registration fee” means the royalty amount payable to the council, to register the admission of a student of the affiliated school.
“The branch renewal fee” means the amount payable to renew the affiliation of the particular branch, each year.
“Student Re-conciliation fee” means the revenue payable to the council each year to retain the registration number active, which is 15% of student-re-admission fee of the individual branch.
“School Management Committee” means the committee managing the school.
“Head of Institution” means the Principal/ Headmaster of the School.
“Health Officer” means appropriate authority of the Local Municipality/ Municipal Corporation/ Local Body to look after the health and sanitary conditions of the area.
“Institution” means an educational organization.
“Syllabus”, means course-curriculum approved by the council for individual classes, according to the guidelines of N.C.E.R.T.
“No Objection Certificate” means letter issued by appropriate authority of the Education-department of the State/ Union Territory in respect to recognition of the School.
"Parents-Teachers Association” means an association of parents and teachers of a particular school.
“Reserve Fund” means the fund created by a school authority in a Post Office or Nationalized Bank in the joint names of Secretary and with any one from Managing committee, for operation and development of the institution.
“Session” means the period of twelve months duration, within which instruction is provided to the students, normally 1st April to 31st March.
“Teacher” means a person employed in the institution for teaching purpose.

2. Words importing the singular number also include the plural number and vice-versa.

3. Words importing the masculine gender also include the feminine gender.

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