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  • Franchise Invited
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Documents Required For Franchise :

1. Copy of Identity-Proof of the applicant (PAN, VI-card, AADHAR-Card, Passport etc).
2. Copy of Date-Of-Birth proof of the applicant.
3. Copy of Residence proof of the applicant.
4. 3-nos passport sized photographs of the applicant.
5. Sources of income of the applicant.
6. Affidavit for expression of interest by the applicant.
7. Copy of Registration certificate of the organization.
8. Copy of PAN of the registered organization.
9. Project report on proposal and prospects.
10. Declaration of category of area. (Whether Backward districts, Block-area/ Gram-Panchayat, NAC, Municipality, Municipal corporation/State capital/ Metropolitan city, as per the declaration of ministry of Home-department.
11. Whether the institution has its own land, attach copy of the related documents.
12. Rent/ Lease agreement in case of rented building. (Minimum period of lease should be less than 25 years).
13. Total built up area of the institution (in square feet).
14. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the nearest Xavier’s schools if existing within 2-kilometers radius from the proposed site.
15. Clearance from local police station declaring no criminal records against the institution and the applicant.
16. Population of the locality. (Based on the last SENSUS report).
17. Child population of the area.
18. Literacy ratio of the area.
19. Ratio of male and female gender as per the SENSUS report.
20. Per-capita income of the specified area, declaring the main sources of income.
21. Sketch of Roads connecting the institution.
22. Declaration of nearest Airport, Railway station, Bus-stand.
23. Graph showing the rational figure of different religious people, whether it is a Christian dominated area.
24. Geographical survey of the locality, whether fertile or Hilly, as defined by planning commission.
25. Name of other leading schools within 5-kilometers radius, with students strength.
26. Name the basic language(s) of communication of the specified area.
27. Copy of unanimous Resolution passed by the managing committee for obtaining affiliation from”XAVIERS COUNCIL OF INDIA”.
28. Copy of undertaking by the Managing committee not to ask for financial assistance from the council or any refund of money in future.
29. Duly filled forms (Form no-1 to 10) from Franchise Application Manual.
30. Copy of cash memo related to purchase of FRANCHISE APPLICATION MANUAL.


31. Syllabus followed, stating number of students and their registration to the council.
32. Copy of TAN of the registered organization.
33. Copy of Profit-loss balance sheet for last three years.
34. Photographs showing the exterior and interior of the organization.
35. Financial position of the institution, indicating sources of income.
36. Copy of NOC for last three years (Mandatory) from the Department of education of the state.
37. Clearance certificate from Local health officer for clean sanitation.
38. List of teachers with their qualification, date of birth and date of joining.
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