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  • Franchise Invited
    From Un-represented ares of the country.....
  • Xavier Council of India
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    New Delhi Group.....
  • Xavier Council of India
    From Montessori I to Standard X.....

How To Apply For Franchise :

All the invitee applicants from unpresented areas of Indian Continent have to undergo the following process for obtaning affiliation Xaviers'Council of India.

The periodic Flow-Chart :-

Submission for letter of interest by head of the institution. Communications made through registered post or email will also be accepted.
After receiving positive reply of the same, submission of project profile containing complete self-biography, mentioning the proposal and prospects of the project.
Collection of franchisee application form, from the council office.
Submission of the duly filled application-form with copy of all relevant documents.
Primary-Level-Verification and Field-Investigation by authorized personnel of the council (within 30days from the date of submission of complete application-form, with all required documents). Authorized personnel of the council will conduct Proper verification of the project location, facilities for sports, indoor out door games, fine arts, computers, investment- capacity of thefranchisee etc along with other amenities, to make sure that the proposed campus complies with the standards set by the franchiser for a high profile school.
Verification of documents and evaluation of different dimensions by the council.
If failed to satisfy the basic requirements of association, the application will be rejected and informed to the applicant.
If satisfactory, letter of satisfaction for Primary-Level-Verification will be issued with Letter-of-Intimation to pay the Franchise-Fee to the council.
Issue of CARRY-ON order by “XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA” to proceed further with development of the proposed site, within 60-days from date of order.
Secondary-Level-Verification by authorized personnel of the council (within 60 to 90days from the date of carry-on order of the council) including verification of adequate infrastructure and all other requisites and evaluation of different dimensions.
After approval of Secondary-Level-Verification, the franchisee will be allotted with provisional- affiliation up-to standard-V, as the criteria of fresh affiliation, for tenure of one-year.
In case of negative results in Secondary-Level-Verification, the council may grant another Grace-period of 60-days, at the special request of the applicant organization with submission of certain amount, to fulfill adequate short falls. However granting of Grace period is at the absolute discretion of the council and may not be compulsory.
Another Additional-Level-Verification will be conducted to evaluate the same after and within 15-days from completion of the Grace-period.
After approval of Additional-Level-Verification, the franchisee will be allotted with provisional- affiliation up-to standard-V, for tenure of one-year.
The letter of franchisee and Certificate of Affiliation is issued, within 30days from Additional-Level-Verification, to open and operate a school, take admissions and do all the necessary activities toward the achievement of the goal.
In case of further negative results in Additional-Level-Verification, the application will be dealt as rejected. The amount paid towards Franchise-Fee will be refunded without interest, deducting the service-Taxes as applicable and 15% of the amount as service charge to the council. However the applicant can apply again for the same, after completion of 12-calander-months, from the date of rejection of franchise.
The Special-Level-Verification will be conducted by authorized personnel of the council, within 15days from completion of tenure of provisional- affiliation, to evaluate the efficiency of the branch.
After approval of Special-Level-Verification, the provisional-affiliation will be withdrawn, to enroll into permanent affiliation up-to standard-X.
The letter of franchisee and Certificate of Affiliation will be issued, within 30days from Special-Level-Verification, to open and operate a school, take admissions and do all the necessary activities toward the achievement of the goal.
Incase of negative assessment report of Special-Level-Verification, the provisional-affiliation up-to standard-V will be extended for one more year and lead to repetition of the same process year by year, until the franchisee qualifies the Special-Level-Verification. However incase of fresh applications for franchise, from existing-schools above 3-years of operation, the process may lead directly to permanent affiliation.

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