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Chapter-II :

Norms for Affilation :-

1. Any charitable organization in India which fulfills the following essential Conditions (without which the case cannot be processed) can apply to the council for affiliation. The council may affiliate several categories of institutions all over India, as for example :-

Organizations established under Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India or under Acts of the State Governments as educational, charitable or religious societies having non-proprietary character or by Trusts.
Organizations managed by Public Sector Undertakings or by reputed societies for Public Sector Undertakings, under the financial control of such Public Sector Undertakings or by Societies formed by such undertakings.
Applicant organization should be non-proprietary in character. The list of members with their addresses, occupations, qualifications and an affidavit from the Chairman/ Secretary stating how the members are related to each other or they are not related to each other duly attested or notarized should be submitted.

2. The existing Schools seeking Affiliation from the council must have formal prior recognition of the State/ U. T. Govt. Its application either should be forwarded by the State Govt. or there should be a No-Objection-Certificate to the effect that State Government has no objection to the affiliation of the school with the XAVIER’S COUNCIL OF INDIA. ‘No Objection Certificate’ once issued to any school will be considered at par, even if it prescribes a specific period unless it is withdrawn.

The Society, Trust, Congregation or other Religious Body controlling and managing the school must arrange to have at-least one acre of land within completion of 3-years of permanent affiliation and fulfill construction of school building with adequate infrastructure on a part of land, within completion of 5-years of permanent affiliation. There should be proper arrangement of playground on the remaining land to impart Physical & Health Education, to the satisfaction level of the council.
In case of hilly areas, the land should not be less than half acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the same geological category. Such school will have only two sections in each class with a student strength not exceeding 40 in each section. The school found to have opened more than two sections will attract violationof provisions for Affiliation Bye-Laws of the council.
As land is a mandatiry requirement for derect CBSE affiliation,the franchise will have to arrange for the same at its own concern along with other required infrastructures to meet the standards of CBSE affiliated school as CBSC affiliation is non-transferable.the franchaisee are advised to follow the CBSE affiliation Bye-laws for proper guidance.however granting of CBSE affiliation is at the sole discretion of CBSE Board.
The existing or proposed building should meet all the standards of a high profile school.As per the ciercular of CBSE affiliation Bye-laws If the institution is running or proposed in a rented campus, the lease agreement should not be less than 25-years.

Provisional Affiliation :-
Those organizations which fulfill the primary essential conditions of the Affiliation Bye-Laws after primary-level-verification may be considered for Provisional Affiliation for a period of one year subject to fulfilling all the norms and conditions of the Affiliation Bye-Laws in that period. In case of not fulfilling the norms and conditions of secondary-level-verification for affiliation due to some prudent reasons, the council may grant extension of provisional affiliation for a further period of one year, subject to fulfillment of conditions of affiliation in the extended period. In case of non-fulfillment or partial-fulfillment of conditions as mentioned in various chapters of Affiliation Bye-Laws, the application will be summarily rejected.

Permanent Affiliation :-
Those schools which have been granted Provisional Affiliation may be considered for permanent affiliation after expiry of provisinal affiliation of one year or such extension of provisional affiliation as the case may be subject to fulfilment of all the norms and conditions of the Affiliation Bye-laws in force by the council after approval from secondary-level-verification.
The existing schools run more than three years by non-proprietary organizations, will be granted one time permanent affiliation directly subject to satisfying and fulfilling all the norms / conditions of the Affiliation Bye – Laws including of the land etc.Such school need not apply for provisional affiliation, but they have to submit annual profit-loss balance sheet for last three years with No Objection Certificate from the concerned authority along with other documents as prescribed,for one time permanent affiliation.

The school seeking permanent affiliation must also satisfy the following conditions :-


The infrastructural facilities should be as follows :-

The student and classroom ratio should not be less than 40:1 for each individual class. The minimum size of class rooms should be 8 m x 6 m (approx 500. sq. ft.).
Science Labs. (Composite for Secondary or/and separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Senior Secondary)- minimum size should be 9 m.x 6 m.each (approx 600 sq. ft) and fully equipped.
Library - minimum size should be 14 m.x 8 m. fully equipped and with reading room facility.
Computer Lab. and Math Lab. - No minimum size is prescribed, however, the school should have separate provision for each.
Rooms for extra curricular activities - either separate rooms for music, dance, arts & sports or one multi purpose hall for all these activities should be available.


Besides fulfilling the other conditions, the school must satisfy the following :-

All admissions and. withdrawal registers are properly maintained.
The Service records of teaching and non-teaching staffs are duly maintained and updated.
No teachers are appointed on ad-hoc basis.
Teaching & non-teaching staffs are appointed on prescribed pay scales & no staff is appointed on consolidated pay. They are also paid DA & admissible other allowances as per Central Govt. or respective State Govt. rates.

Quality of Education

The school seeking permanent affiliation must be quality-driven and must strive for excellence in all aspect of its services. It must satisfy the council’s direction regarding no school bag and no homework to the students up-to Montessori-III, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in primary classes with no pass-fail criterion up-to Standard-V and also extension of CCE gradually up-to standard-VIII. Provided also that the school seeking permanent affiliation must implement the academic initiatives like Introduction of Alternative to Homework from standard-I to V, introduction of Life Skills Education for standard-VI to VIII, and maintenance of Proper records of internal assessment from standard-VI to X .The average result of the school in the last three years must be satisfactory.

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