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Rules & Regulations :

The Franchise Mechanism :-

The Verification process is conducted in three phases. The first phase consists of physical verification of documents, site / location of the project, number of rooms and all subjects of declaration, as given with the application. The next phase of verification confirms whether adequate arrangements have been made to start admission process and ready to operate. The third and Special-Level-Verification conducts tests of efficiency to intake students, proper management, feed-back by the parents and local authorities, percentage of results and overall assessment of the project.

After approval of the periodic verifications, the franchisee will be allotted with provisional- affiliation up-to standard-V, for tenure of one-year. The special-level-verification will be conducted by the council, within 15days from completion of the tenure,to evaluate the efficiency of the branch, withdraw the provisional-affiliation and enroll into permanent affiliation up-to standard-X.Incase of negative assessment report, the provisional-affiliation only up-to standard-V, will be renewed year by year.However incase of applications for franchise form existing-schools above 3-years of operation, the process may lead directly to permanent affiliation.

In case of unsatisfactory results of secondary-level-verification, there is the provision of another grace period of 60-days, with the special request of the applicant, to make necessary arrangements for fulfillment of the short-falls. The Additional- Level- Verification will be conducted to evaluate the same after and within 15-days from completion of the Grace-period. If the proposal is rejected after all, the amount will be refunded without interest after deduction of serve-tax as applicable and 15% of the paid amount as service-charge to the applicant.
Franchisee-fee and other ancillary fees are segmented on the basis of different economic-zones as per the declaration of planning commission of India. Xavier’s council of India has segregated the total country into five different zones such as i). ZoneA- state capitals/Municipal Corporations/Metropolitan cities or equivalent areas having population more than 10 lakhs ii)Zone B-Municipality,Zone c-NAC iv) Zone D-Gram Panchayat area,v)Zone E-Govt.declared backward districts,other than district headquarters.
Structure of Franchise-fee is different in case of existing-schools having minimum 03-years of establishment, in contrast with other fresh applicants. (However, the other ancillary fees are same for all branches of each individual zone). Copy of NOC from relevant authorities of Department of education of the state should be attached along with other documents.
Franchise-fee is payable at one shot after approval of Primary-Level-Verification and intimation by the council for the same.
Normal procedure for franchise takes 3 to 4 month time. However, for existing schools the verification can be done at single phase,subject to approval from documents submitted. In this case the process may take 30-45 days time.

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