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General Terms And Conditions Of Franchise :

The desiring franchisee should be a registered organization and the applicant must not be a minor.
Grant of franchise is to open one school only.
The franchise is renewable on payment of renewal fees yearly.
Applications from existing schools are invited with submission of registration-certificate, NOC (No Objection Certificate) from District Inspector of education and profit-loss balance sheet of last three years.
After successful completion of 3-years of service, the franchisee will be eligible to apply for CBSE-affiliation, with proper verification of infrastructure and all adequate requisites.

Legal Terms and Conditions :-

The Basic criteria of franchise eligibility are the distance from nearest Xavier’s school of the same group. The minimum distance recommended between two of its schools should not be less than 2kms from each other as per the council. However it is variable depending upon the population-density and per-capita income of the locality.
In-order to get the new franchise noticed in the locality, the franchisee should have the capability for sound marketing to promote the presence with collection of sample-marketing-kit from the franchiser.
The Memorandum of association is made under normal course of agreement under certain terms and conditions. The applicants are advised to read the documents thoroughly and should agree to all the terms and conditions as mentioned, before entering into any transactions.
The Amount of donations as paid to the council is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-adjustable in nature. So the applicants are advised to insure everything before making any kind of payments.
The Service-Tax as applicable will be charged extra on every payments.
In case of rejection of franchise application even after Additional-Level-Verification, the payment as made to the council will be refunded by Cheque without interest, after deducting service-tax as applicable and 15% of payment as service-charge to the council. However the applicant may apply again for the same after 12 calendar months, from the date of rejection of application.
In case of owned land and premises, the organization will have to undertake the absolute ownership of the concerned property, by an affidavit.
Xavier’s council of India is a registered organization to spread the fragrance of primary and secondary education, through out republic of India. The brand-name and logo are registered trademarks of the same organization. Copying, pirating of the same and providing same kind of service in its name and style is strictly restricted. Unauthorized use of the same will be dealt strongly with the court of law.
All the disputes, if any, are to be referred for arbitration and strictly subject to Bhubaneswar, Odisha-India jurisdiction only.
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